Firefox in Central and Eastern Europe

Gemius is a web statistics company which provides its services to many sites in Poland, including all the major web portals like Onet or Gazeta. Aggregated whole-Poland statistics from Gemius are presented at Gemius has also recently opened its subsidiares in the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Ukraine.

I think it might be interesting to compare the market share of Firefox and Gecko in these four countries:

  Poland  Czech Republic   Lithuania  Ukraine 
Firefox  18.7% 14.2% 7.5% 6.1%
Gecko  20.0% 15.6% 8.3% 7.3%

Yes, I am as happy as Gandalf is, that every fifth Internaut in Poland uses a Gecko-based browser. I still remember the days when Gecko had a market share of 2% or lower. So, it's a great success and I'd like to repeat Gandalf's congratulations to the whole Polish Mozilla community. I'm also pretty sure that 20% is not our final word. ;-)

It's clearly visible that Firefox has greater market share in countries, where official localizations are available. So, every effort should be made to help non-official localizations to "officialize" themselves, and avoid situations like bug 281662 (Lithuanian official localization of Firefox 1.5 is blocked since February due to no apparent reason).


3 responses to “Firefox in Central and Eastern Europe

  1. bart

    Probably the best browser on the world.

  2. Firefox is the top browser and it will definitely take ovet the web in few years.

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